Company Name
Cooshie Tooshiez LLC

Customer Service Line: 435-994-9122

Cooshie Tooshiez started over Milkshakes on Valentines Day of 2016. The owners are a ABDL couple from Utah that wish to create a safe inviting company to serve the needs of the ABDL communities as well as provide quality of life for their incontinent friends. Dedicated to Customer Service, Discreet packaging and the best Diapers from around the world.

How discreet is your packaging?
Answer: Very discreet! Our cases have NO identifying logos or descriptions. Our shipping label says "CT Shipping Dept," even your credit card statement will say CT Retail. We are working to bring back the "Super discreet double packaging" This insures that your items will not be seen, even if couriers don't treat your order with the care they deserve. In some instances our supplier Rearz in Canada will drop ship items we do not have in stock so we can continue to serve our customers. There will be a very small typed description of "briefs" for these items. The good news is, if you order through us you will not have any extra Foreign Transaction Fee's.

Where do you ship?
Any where in the USA. We hope to offer options in other countries in the future.

How do I get coupon codes?
See our ambassador "Superadorablenes" on Twitter & Tumblr. You can also send us a message if you don't see any advertised discount codes and we will see what we can do.

Why can't I get through on the phone?
Our Customer Service Hours are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm, Mountain Standard Time. If we do not answer, please leave us a message. It will be easier for us to get back to you if we know why you are calling. If you are calling from a RESTRICTED number we will not answer! Please leave us a message with the number you can be reached. This is for the safety and well being our our Customer Service Reps. You can also send us an email, this is the best option after hours. We watch our email closely and can sometime get back to outside our typical hours.

We hope you will enjoy your shopping experience. If anything is not working on the site, please contact us so we can get it changed immediately!

Thank you for your visit today.